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Passive Component Testing


Ecosystem Beyond Competitors' Reach

Discover Wayne Kerr's unique ecosystem, where the integration of specialized machines unlocks capabilities beyond the reach of competitors. This innovative synergy offers unparalleled accuracy and efficiency, positioning Wayne Kerr at the forefront of passive component testing.

Trade-In, Upgrade, Save

Simple & Fast Trade-In

With Wayne Kerr Trade-In, you can get a great value for your current machines and apply it toward a new machines. And you can do it by simply requesting a quote and our agent will contact you. It’s a win-win.

Wayne Kerr Trade In

Build Your Model

Build your own model

Original Design Model

Wayne Kerr Electronics now offers an innovative Original Design Model service, empowering you to create a tailor-made instrument that meets your specific needs. Collaborate with our experts to design the perfect model, ensuring that your testing capabilities are as unique as your requirements.

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Danbridge Electronics

Wayne Kerr Danbridge

Discover Precision with Danbridge

Since 1949, Danbridge, owned by the WK Group, has become a market leader in developing high precision testing equipment for capacitors and resistors. Serving global manufacturers and labs, they offer advanced solutions for passive electronic component testing, ensuring top-tier expertise and accuracy.

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