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Revolutionize Component Testing with WK Ecosystem

Introducing WK Ecosystem, our cutting-edge tool designed to transform the component testing industry


Real-World Applications

High Frequency &
High Current Systems 

For advanced magnetic devices in new energy and electric vehicle industries

At normal frequency ranges less than 1MHz, 400A DC bias systems have been used for inductors. For high frequency applications up to 120MHz, DC current can be driven up to 100A (at 5MHz) for testing.

High Frequency and High Current System
Megaohm meters and CLT10 System

Megaohm meters &
CLT10 System

For new materials and metallic resistors

For new materials to sustain higher temperature such as ceramic capacitors in Electrical cars, our MegaOhm meter can supply up-to 5KV to test leakage current. For metallic resistors our CLT10 system can test to precision of 10^8  for iron percentage content in ceramic devices.

Semiautomatic Tester

Testing high voltage devices

A scanner system can support up to 40 semi-automatic channels to test high voltage devices.

Semiautomatic Tester
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