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  • What is purpose of trimming?
    The purpose of trimming is to eliminate the effects of stray capacitance or series impedance in the connecting leads or fixture.
  • What is the procedure to have my test equipment calibrated by the manufacturer?
    You can either call the service center or email to one RMA number will be issued to each test equipment. Send the test equipment to the service center with the RMA number.
  • What are the main differences between 4100 Series and 4300 Series LCR Meters?
    4300 includes a LAN (Local Area Network) interface as standard 4300 supports up to 9-bin categorization in the Bin Handler mode, capable of controlling multiple binning operations in production environment 4100 supports only 2-bin categorization: Pass and Fail
  • How often does the test equipment need the calibration by the manufacturer?
    Wayne Kerr recommend the test equipment be calibrated by the manufacturer every six months.
  • At what situations is trimming necessary?
    When the lead set or fixture is changed; when the highest possible accuracy is required for measurements of very high or low impedances; and when the instrument is switched between 4-terminal and 2-terminal operation.
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